About Us


We are a gourmet food import and export company founded in Oakland, California in 1985. We now have branch offices in Japan and Taiwan. 
In Japan, our network of rice farmers extends across sixteen prefectures. By going directly to the source, we are able to offer rice of unrivaled quality and freshness. All the rice we offer is from the current crop year.

Every year, we follow each stage of production, from planting to harvesting. For the US market, we've curated a selection of ten varieties of rice from eight prefectures. Each one is uniquely representative of its region. Our rice is always packed at their respective mills in Japan and shipped directly to the US in accordance with FDA regulations.


All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail. Rates are as follows:
1 - 2kg:  $7.50
3kg - 7kg:  $14.00
8kg - 12kg:  $19.00
14kg - 16kg:  $36.00
18kg - 20kg:  $44.00